Brice's personnal homepage

Welcome to my homepage. Please notice the lack of CPU-consuming-and-kitten-killing JavaScript.


Time to time, I write something on my blog. Articles are mostly about system administration.

Social networks

You can find my profile on LinkedIn and Twitter.



Here you can download my (nearly up to date) resume, written in LaTeX and exported in PDF format :

Plain text

This text file uses UTF-8 encoding. Please use a modern terminal and a pager to display it, e.g.
wget -qO - | less

Or if you use a BSD based system :
fetch -o - | less

You can also display the html version in your browser using this link.



Of course, you'll have to replace (AT) and (DOT) with the corresponding caracters. I really appreciate plain text emails.


key ID: FF7F6DC9
fingerprint: BEB5 F038 F4A9 0E85 A8AB 8FD6 67A3 871E FF7F 6DC9

You can find my public key on most key servers, for example here.


JID: brice(AT)lopez(DOT)banh-bao(DOT)fr